Dash into the past..

To hear nothing but the pitter-patter of the raindrops.
I am looking there around me, feeling rather new to my surroundings.
Everything seems to cease, at one go;
A girl stands in the middle of the field, 
Filled with poppies and sunflowers.
And this gives her a sense of power.
Though innocent and young, she already revealed that,
The rain keeps washing her flawless face
As she prances around this land.
Everything she does follows her hand.
The world, now blessed; is a disgrace.
Boom, boom!
The world just broken apart,
The girl is no longer alive,
She guided and deprived,
Is this what we call life? There is no beating in thy heart.
Nothing lies but the fading recollection.
Is there such a thing as too much love, too much hate?
We let our feelings guide our fate,
And we hence lead ourselves to our own destruction.


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