The little match

Object description-match:

Being a small object, doesn’t make it worthless. Made of wood from bottom to top, a match is something one can easily forget its vitality. Having a blue tip at the edge where it is able to ignite a light, from fire.

Being in absolute darkness, in a closed blue box, forgotten, now is the one that is luminous. One moment it’s black, creating a certain void, the next there’s a small yellow-orange flame.

Looking at the flame and at how it dances up and down makes one feel at peace, and rather content. One can easily get lost in the flames and start thinking about their life. The mind hence wanders off into a place where the flame is the start of all generations of ideas. Like a forest fire, it is now hard to put this light off. This gives the little wooden match a certain power. From the power to illuminate it shifts to the power to burn and destroy. The sound of flickering flames indicates that this match is not something to mess with, it cannot be taken for granted.

Item 1st Person narrative: 

After days in the same narrow, constricting box, with forty other matches that are lying under me and besides me, you would start to think that space in this box is something we all dream of. One moment two delicate fingers held me up and placed me on a table. For the first time in my life, I was able to see light, I could finally be alone and not with the others. The feelings I felt overwhelmed me. I felt free. The fingers once again grabbed me and scratched my tip with something that was not so smooth. They kept scratching me, creating friction, till my tip started burning fire. This fire is something I have never experienced, but I felt like I finally fulfilled my purpose. I started to disintegrate, to crumble, to fall and yet I still felt the joy of being lit. I heard myself burning, I could feel my structure fragmenting but the luminous light blinded me from all the pain. I gave light, that is all I cared about. The flame was extinguished and so was my happiness, in fact as soon as I was tossed on the ground amongst the other burnt matches, I just closed my eyes and fell into an everlasting sleep.


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