-Today’s society-

“Today, we live in a society where we are continuously judged by what we do and who we are. Today’s society publishes the most skinny women and establishes them as beautiful and that they have the perfect figure. Today’s society puts emphasis on school and how they do, and not their artistic abilities. Today’s society ignores you, pushes you aside, and make you feel like an invisible freak. Today’s society keeps defining you and redefining you. Well, ignore today’s society, and be you. You is the most perfect person only you can be.”

-Steph (: 

Day one, Quote 1

This is in response to the Quote Challenge for which I was nominated by the great blogger https://krivashist.wordpress.com, thank you for that! ❤

I wanted to start by re-writing a quote that I had written. It was after I had a terrible day, and I was at home watching pink’s music video of ‘perfect’ and it just hit me how much this society we live in constantly impacts us. I wrote obviously in reaction to what has happened to me in the past, where people I called my friends were busy whispering horrible things about me that were not even remotely true. But you know, stuff happens and I am happy to say that from all that has happened to me, I have become this person who is much stronger than ever 🙂

Rules for the challenge:

1. Post 3 of your favourite quotes each per day for 3 recurrent days. The quotes can be of any other people or it may come straight from your own heart.
2. Nominate 3 or more bloggers with each post to challenge them.
3. Don’t forget to utter a thankful word to the person who nominated you.

My nominations for day one: https://lifeinquantums.wordpress.com;


and https://unheardunspokencogitationum.wordpress.com.


5 thoughts on “-Today’s society-

  1. So true ! It is wonderful to see people are realizing they are perfect in their own unique way. Its a wonderful quote, Steph and thank you so much for nominating. I am also nominated by Kritika and have already posted one of the quotes. Will be continuing the challenge by acknowledging you 🙂

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