Trying To Make Sense Of Your Life Is What’s Actually Holding You Back

Life is what YOU make it 😉

Thought Catalog

hannahmcswain hannahmcswain

You should try to make sense of your feelings. You should trace the lines of your thinking, find the genesis of your innermost beliefs and make sure they’re really yours. You should make lists of the things you do and don’t value, you should ask yourself what you most feel you are lacking, then look at how little you’re giving them.

But you should stop trying to make sense of your life. Doing so is trying to make sense of the trajectory, as though it’s something that controls you, not the opposite way around. Doing so is applying the life you have to the person you were.

Using logic and being mindful are not the same thing as “trying to make sense.” The former is methodical, it uses a grounded awareness to enact your true desires, the latter is looking at the product of those actions and wondering how…

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