Lone Moon

nature trees moon skyscapes 1920x1280 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_19

Staring blankly at the empty sky,

Calling and crying,

For no stars appear tonight,

No one to talk to,

And relate the adventures of the other planets

That I had just explored.


I look onto the earth,

Full of dwellings and deserted lands,

Dark black smoke emerges,

And beneath it just ashes.

I recall it to be full of trees,

And birds flying about,

But where are they now?


I hear the painful growls

Of the heavy, busy earth,

She knows not how to stop all that

Is happening with humans in charge.

The sun too, is not smiling,

She has seen it all,

The fights, all the walls breaking,

Everything is being destroyed.


I, now know that as a lone moon,

No one is going to listen to me.

Behind the opaque disk,

Are the people who are wrecking it all.



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