Garden (part 2)


Garden (Part 1)


Embrace me my dear lover,

and never let me go,

hold me in your arms,

while we are both looking at the endless sky. 


Tell me how much you love me,

Today, and always,

hear me sing and watch me dance

in our little secret garden.


You and me my dear lover

are one thing forever,

let’s make this moment last,

so it is embedded in our memory 

for evermore.


Paint me


paint me.

exploit all your utensils

to capture every curve,

embrace the little freckles,

examine the way my smile goes.

put fact into art,

play with my features

make them feel like magic. 

put colour onto my lips

and my cheeks,

measure my bone structure, 

the fragility of my neck,

the way my chest rises 

with every breath.

put your words into art,

make me yours.