The journey


IMG_0068He asked me to take me

into a hidden passage.

Some times he placed me 

Upon his shoulder, 

Other times he left me

in the dark calling me 

So I follow his voice.


It is not always easy 

Finding him with all 

The distractions in life.

I always found it 

More pleasant being carried  

By him, but he is a busy man.


We travelled through a 

Forest filled with tall trees.

He told me to cut some green 

Branches, and I did.

Later we found some 

Cherries and other berries,

And I was told to eat some

For the rest of the journey.


He took me to the mountain,

Which I had to climb.

It was not an easy task 

And it did take some time.

I fell back once or twice,

I turned to him for advice,

But he told me it was my fight.


He was waiting for me

By the end of the trials.

I had made him very proud.

He told me, ‘Be free, I will 

Always guide you.’ 

I left, without seeking for him.


After that, I felt lonely

And desperate as I couldn’t 

Feel his hand guiding me.

The journey was harder, longer. 

However he was always there

I was just too blind.


Meadows have been set,

To be stepped upon, and discovered.

A journey worth taking, a site of adventures,

Full of pathways towards something unknown.


I have my own meadow,

Forgotten, engulfed amongst the trees

In the forest.

I have to squeeze between

Overgrown bushes to find it.

But it lies there,

Waiting for me to explore it.

Through the meadow I will

Fall and I will watch my knee bleed

But I then see my shadow,

Pulling itself up again

Eager to find the way out.


There is no end to the meadow,

No side roads,

It’s one eternal pathway.


As the wind blows, swirling through the leaves which

had fallen by autumn, and hearing the peaceful sound

of the sun slowly exiting the auburn sky,

And hearing the gentle raindrops falling

Onto a figure looking at the sky above.

The figure is searching the reason behind the unknown

a source of power that holds everything together.

The God that speaks of love, peace and everlasting happiness;

mercy is underneath his fingertips.

O so dainty, each quiver of a breath from the birds that surround us,

And the mighty roar that of a lion,

All of which are in His hands- an unlimited power.

He gives so much without expecting any return, it’s dauntingly beautiful.