Michelina, inti l-ikbar teżor t’Alla!

Fejn qatt bsarna l-fidwa li kellu jagħtik?


Ma’ kull tbatija dejjem

Bi tbissima tħallina,

U qatt ma ħarist lejn ħajtek b’mod negattiv.


Michelina, l-affarijiet li

Għallimtni int, ma ninsihom qatt żgur,

Għax inti kont ta’ impatt kbir għalija.


Inħobbok għażiża Michelina,

F’qalbi, dejjem ser inħallik!


Michelina, you are God’s biggest treasure!

How could we have known the destiny that you will have to face?


With every suffering,

You always left us with a smile,

And you never looked at life in a negative way.


Michelina, the things which you thought me,

I will definitely never forget,

Because you were a huge impact on my life.


I love you my dear Michelina,

And you will always be in my heart!

retro travel girl fashion vintage portrait outdoors




Carry me to our secret garden

my dear lover,

chase all my butterflies away

hold my hand

and kiss me.


Follow my shadow

into the deep darkness,

and when you lose me

hear me sing.


Watch my lips as they

gently part for air,

and the night breeze

falling gently on us.



orpheus-eurydice-4A beauty is she

Of locks pure gold,

A heart has she

Full of love, bound to infinity.

Eurydice sobs,

But cry no more

So hush my dear,

For I am here.


A glorious titan,

Enslaved forever in heaven

Or hell as you have been

Without my love

Eurydice sobs,

But no more

For love has conquered.