lingering in silence

a daunting moment of scary choices

a wrong twist, a mistake

too scared to look back

to what has been done

every person has their regrets

but i am living in mine

and all i see now is

broken fragments lingering softly in silence


How can one..?

How can one let their heart tear
And be left only
With a thousand scars
That are impossible to mend?

How can one trust
People who only
Come when they need you
And then put you in the dumps?

How can one keep on loving
Even when deep inside
They know they will
Never get love in return?

How can one smile
All throughout each
And every journey
When they know the truths?

It is just another impossible stone to turn.
Yet another misconception.
A deceit. Pain upon all that has been.


No energy and life left
A soul without a meaning
Lifeless and worthless
All efforts made were wasted
Thrown away in the fire
Burnt and lost forever
Time consumed all gone now
Smiles and happiness faked
For i meant anon to you
Here with my heart pounding
Seeking answers
Hiding from the truth
Are you scared to face what you left of me?
Are you scared to see the result?
For from all that darkness and burns
Came out to be a beautiful flower
That is stronger than any other
It seeks the sun from its small pot
And it grows, and will continue to grow