Falling deeply not softly

Into the black hole 

we have fallen

Feeling our bodies disintegrate 

into molecules so small.

It has sucked all meaning 

which we so place in life.



The pouring rain

falls onto the 

exterior of our skins

It travels down each body,

the sensation is felt in our veins.

And single droplets

soothe each aching soul




Let the forces

of the wind carry

you to the land

of escape and peace

away from all the troubles

away from it all.


Let the wave currents

not fear you

and move you

to that perfect land

which shelters you

from your own ambushing fears

that constantly drown you.


Let your breath

not be lost

in the chase

you have been dreaming of

that one aim

that motivates you

to run towards

a happiness which escaped you.