~staring blankly at the piece of paper

which has been laying in front of me.

Words have been escaping and

all i see is faded letters,

dancing around in my mind~


~the emotions within

have been fighting to break out

however, not even one sentence could be formed~


~illusions of happiness,

of days filled with laughter

but all i see and feel is

the melancholy of the terrible routine

of one day leading to another~


~hearing my heart beat

moving with every thought

that fill my brain.

Thoughts which are fighting to emerge~


~there are no dreams at night,

 just pitch darkness and shadows

pounding on my mind~





a wave current

curling into the other

and a flow is created


echoes are heard

rambling through

the empty silent sky


all that is lost

has been washed

and sent away with the foam


seconds turn into

minutes and minutes

become hours and none has come back.

Melody in the making

Life is a symphony

Intertwining deep inside,

Like music soaring out of the lungs

Emptying the vessel to raw nothingness.

Vibrations in the larynx

Which fill the room with a beautiful melody.

Singing without any care,

That it satisfies the soul. 

An angel in the making,

Holding a pretty harp

In a world that was simply divine.

Using her voice as a source of being presence,

A light to the path.

The crochets falling gracefully in their place

And this is why you hear only the melody, and nothing else. 

R.M.Drake- my hero <3

the blood will carry

some old memories,

this i tell you,

and every now and then

you will bleed out and everything will flow

out of you again.

it will hurt,

and like all things that hurt

they cannot be forgotten.

they wait

behind our faces, our eyes

and in our veins.

some things,

even in death

cannot be ignored.

it is that simple.

it is that perfect.

everything that hurts

is usually

everything we hold within.