If this is a poem, 

And you were my words

I want to digest and chew you

Then spit you out

Creating perfect verses.


If I’m writing a song,

And you’re the notes

I’m going to take a deep breath

And wait for the right tone 

I’ll listen to the melody that surrounds us.


If you are a soul,

And I’m the empty vessel 

I want to wear you

Change everything that was-

A metamorphosis: starting anew


If you were me,

And I’m the core

Let us merge and be self-aware

Thus reaching the end of the 

Never ending corridors present in life 


If I could cry, I’d fill a river

If I could just scream, I’d loose my voice

If I could just make myself stop thinking,

I swear, I’d do that and how.

But I’m here standing in a vacuum looking, trying

to understand what the hell is going on in my world

and I fail….fall….and crumble