Garden (part 2)


Garden (Part 1)


Embrace me my dear lover,

and never let me go,

hold me in your arms,

while we are both looking at the endless sky. 


Tell me how much you love me,

Today, and always,

hear me sing and watch me dance

in our little secret garden.


You and me my dear lover

are one thing forever,

let’s make this moment last,

so it is embedded in our memory 

for evermore.




Carry me to our secret garden

my dear lover,

chase all my butterflies away

hold my hand

and kiss me.


Follow my shadow

into the deep darkness,

and when you lose me

hear me sing.


Watch my lips as they

gently part for air,

and the night breeze

falling gently on us.



orpheus-eurydice-4A beauty is she

Of locks pure gold,

A heart has she

Full of love, bound to infinity.

Eurydice sobs,

But cry no more

So hush my dear,

For I am here.


A glorious titan,

Enslaved forever in heaven

Or hell as you have been

Without my love

Eurydice sobs,

But no more

For love has conquered.








Do you see that star? 

That star is the key to the universe.

It is that hidden smile of a depressed woman.

It is the solution behind every argument.

It is health, wealth and fame.

It is a dream that you have placed as a goal.

It sheds truth and happiness.

It instills hope.

It is a goal to living.

It is one’s passion which keeps growing.

It is us, you and me, being together.

You see that star? Chase it.


As the wind blows, swirling through the leaves which

had fallen by autumn, and hearing the peaceful sound

of the sun slowly exiting the auburn sky,

And hearing the gentle raindrops falling

Onto a figure looking at the sky above.

The figure is searching the reason behind the unknown

a source of power that holds everything together.

The God that speaks of love, peace and everlasting happiness;

mercy is underneath his fingertips.

O so dainty, each quiver of a breath from the birds that surround us,

And the mighty roar that of a lion,

All of which are in His hands- an unlimited power.

He gives so much without expecting any return, it’s dauntingly beautiful.