Intrapersonal battle

What now is this?

A mind full of wit and intellect-

Confused and convoluted,

With stripes of mud highlighting the face.


What battles were faced in cold and dark corners,

Hidden and aiming not to be found,

Beneath the gyri and sulci, 

And all of the thoughts from within?


How hard is it to watch 

Your own self facing what once was,

What can be known,

And entities that could have been found?


No shield has been brought,

And definitely no weapon,

Just this mere rational mind,

Which have been strangling me. 


What will I conquer 

From this useless battle which I had initiated 

Way before I knew all of its consequences, 

In addition to all of the loses? 





The curse of a good heart


It’s a beautiful curse,

Having a heart

Continuously spilling

Love and care.

It’s a rare thing,

Even if it does backfire,

But it is always better

Than having it ice-cold.



It didn’t take you long to fall,

Fall into a deep hole called lustrous love.


You liked the way she looked,

And her definition of beauty. 


She was not like the ungenuine others,

Different and it made her stand out. 


It didn’t take you long to realise,

That she was not one to let go easily.


She was a hard head,

But you were patient, as forces continued pulling you. 


A knight in shining armour, 

Waiting for the right moment to pick the damsel from distress. 


It didn’t take long to desire,

For the touch of this woman’s unique beauty. 


Her style transcended into,

Some part of you that had been unlit for long. 


Her hair whip, her fragrance, 

Her dress, her heals, your want. 


It didn’t take long to ask,

Ask for a chance to be with this girl. 


The style that she teased you with, 

A magnet that you could not manage any longer. 


Irresistible soft lips, 

That you longed to kiss. 


It didn’t take you long to kiss the girl,

At the right moment, under a moonlit sky. 


It was a moment of pure perfection, 

And you like to treasure it. 


That moment, spoke truth,

Even she could feel the sparks of both styles clashing together. 


It didn’t take long to become two lovers,

Who want to relive these first moments.


Love, happiness, strength, laughter

You have them all- savour them. 

Countless times

There were countless times where I saw you crying,

There were countless times where I heard you shout.

You think that I was not affected?

That your lack of love did not impact me?

Many times I wished I could fly,

To a world unknown.

Where troubles and concerns are nonexistent,

Because this life, with all its moments, is not the one I asked for.

I constantly dream of a world were everything is perfect.

Where love is never ending

Where there is peace.

But it always ends up broken in the end.

Shadows of me become fragments of the mind,

That are like pieces falling out of control-

Glass pieces crushed into the gravel.

Don’t you know that you are a model,

Onto which many look up upon?

Don’t you see that you are constantly needed?

If I could hug you, I would,

But you won’t let me

So I let my tears subside and blend

Into my sheer nothingness.

Melody in the making

Life is a symphony

Intertwining deep inside,

Like music soaring out of the lungs

Emptying the vessel to raw nothingness.

Vibrations in the larynx

Which fill the room with a beautiful melody.

Singing without any care,

That it satisfies the soul. 

An angel in the making,

Holding a pretty harp

In a world that was simply divine.

Using her voice as a source of being presence,

A light to the path.

The crochets falling gracefully in their place

And this is why you hear only the melody, and nothing else.