~staring blankly at the piece of paper

which has been laying in front of me.

Words have been escaping and

all i see is faded letters,

dancing around in my mind~


~the emotions within

have been fighting to break out

however, not even one sentence could be formed~


~illusions of happiness,

of days filled with laughter

but all i see and feel is

the melancholy of the terrible routine

of one day leading to another~


~hearing my heart beat

moving with every thought

that fill my brain.

Thoughts which are fighting to emerge~


~there are no dreams at night,

 just pitch darkness and shadows

pounding on my mind~





A soul,

shattered, broken

and isolated.

Weeping for all its

great unknowns.




A body,

emptied from all

of its emotions.

Every one

dropped into the sea.


A human,

who is tired of

being hit and gutted.


and convoluted.




A person,

who is lying down

trying to sleep.

But her anxiety

keeps snatching her.


A home,

which was turned

into a pitch of


And nothing to look

forward to.


One nickel

One nickel for just sitting passively there besides me

Two pennies for putting me out of your life

Three bucks for all the lies that betrayed my trust

Four euros for leaving me alone when i needed u the most

Six hundred yen for forgetting my existence

Seven thousand dollars for your pretending

Eight hundred thousand pounds for never asking about me

Nine million peso for not looking beyond my weaknesses

Ten thousand million dirhams for your egoistic narcissism which will burn you down.


As the wind blows, swirling through the leaves which

had fallen by autumn, and hearing the peaceful sound

of the sun slowly exiting the auburn sky,

And hearing the gentle raindrops falling

Onto a figure looking at the sky above.

The figure is searching the reason behind the unknown

a source of power that holds everything together.

The God that speaks of love, peace and everlasting happiness;

mercy is underneath his fingertips.

O so dainty, each quiver of a breath from the birds that surround us,

And the mighty roar that of a lion,

All of which are in His hands- an unlimited power.

He gives so much without expecting any return, it’s dauntingly beautiful.