To all that is gone,

Beaten and forgotten.

For the many time

Which was wasted;

To all those seconds, minutes turning into hours, even.

And all those days locked inside.

Feeling lonesome, empty.


For that one missed chance,

Just because you were afraid.

To trying once, twice,

And starting over again.

To giving up, 

The heaviness of the failure is felt alongside you.


For every story left untold,

Hidden, locked deep within.

The words and images burning in your mind.

For all those chains that wound you,

Thus limiting you from reaching that one spectacular opportunity.


To what was yours,

Your time, your memories, your patience, your love.

Where has it all dissipated?

To reminisce all that has been done, and all that you have been through;

The pain, the sufferings and the do overs.


a wave current

curling into the other

and a flow is created


echoes are heard

rambling through

the empty silent sky


all that is lost

has been washed

and sent away with the foam


seconds turn into

minutes and minutes

become hours and none has come back.

who am i?


who am i really?

beneath all the fake smiles

and the exterior beauty

what is my being made up of?

is it love? 

art, music, poetry?

are they just mere imaginations?

is everything escaping 

through my fingertips?

am i losing it all?

where is the faith

the hope

are they all curling away?

what is this person 

if her insides are corroding?

and all is left is thoughts

roaming through an empty mind

Splish splash

Splish splash

the rain kept swiping down

tearing the beautiful smile she had.

The people could not understand

she felt relieved in some way

that after some time they left her alone.

Puddles of water lie beneath her.

Sniffing blossoms wasn’t going to make

the grey clouds disappear.

Tick tock.

Time’s up.

The chord has been cut severely.

The girl’s flawless face lies on the ground.

Blood. Water. Agony. Pain

But why?