What now?

Why are all so eager to

bulldoze all of the memories

we have shared together?

All is crumpled and torn apart.

My heart is ripped with

the little things that

remind me of how things were.



So what now? Do you think it will all get better?

What about the good days?

Have they all been washed away?

Are they that distant?




It is useless fighting it now.

I can’t get my memories back.

They have been drowned with

all of the blood that has been shed.

We have become prisoners

of this place and there is no way out.

No light, just pitch darkness.

I can feel the water filling up

my lungs, it is suffocating me.


Eventually I will give in,

and let my last air bubble

float up, and my body will become numb.







Faces looking past a figure
A faded person inside a mirror
None stopped to evaluate
All the pain and troubles
Carried on her shoulder

The figure stood there facing
Who she thinks she is
And sobs soft tears
Wondering when it will all end

A faded figure is all she is worth
Nothing more and nothing less

A faded me

lingering in silence

a daunting moment of scary choices

a wrong twist, a mistake

too scared to look back

to what has been done

every person has their regrets

but i am living in mine

and all i see now is

broken fragments lingering softly in silence