What now?

Why are all so eager to

bulldoze all of the memories

we have shared together?

All is crumpled and torn apart.

My heart is ripped with

the little things that

remind me of how things were.



So what now? Do you think it will all get better?

What about the good days?

Have they all been washed away?

Are they that distant?




It is useless fighting it now.

I can’t get my memories back.

They have been drowned with

all of the blood that has been shed.

We have become prisoners

of this place and there is no way out.

No light, just pitch darkness.

I can feel the water filling up

my lungs, it is suffocating me.


Eventually I will give in,

and let my last air bubble

float up, and my body will become numb.







No energy and life left
A soul without a meaning
Lifeless and worthless
All efforts made were wasted
Thrown away in the fire
Burnt and lost forever
Time consumed all gone now
Smiles and happiness faked
For i meant anon to you
Here with my heart pounding
Seeking answers
Hiding from the truth
Are you scared to face what you left of me?
Are you scared to see the result?
For from all that darkness and burns
Came out to be a beautiful flower
That is stronger than any other
It seeks the sun from its small pot
And it grows, and will continue to grow